Mental Illness Bites

Today, right now, every moment. I am beginning anew.

Less Than Shawl

Wednesday nights I meet up with some women to knit. It started out as a church knitting group for knitting prayer shawls for the church community, but over the years we started bringing other projects with us. We started out drinking hot tea, and lemonade sometimes, and now it’s an unusual Wednesday if no one brings a bottle of wine. It’s turned into quite a raucous group and I derive great pleasure from attending. I have to laugh when I tell people that I’m part of a knitting group and they look at me cross-eyed because I’m a twenty-something who spends her nights with yarn.

Our goal is to always have at least one person knitting a prayer shawl so we can still call ourselves the church knitting group, even though it’s no big secret that we mostly don’t knit shawls.So, now it’s my turn to knit a shawl, self-designated. The other ladies are mostly wrapped up in personal projects or shawls that are driving them nuts (in other words, not much progress is being made), and I have spent quite enough time knitting and tinking (un-knitting) complicated projects because really I can’t do two things at once when it comes to knitting. So, instead of finishing the clogs for my husband, the little dress for my friend’s baby, the mitt’s for my little sister, the shawl I made for myself which only needs to be blocked, or thedishcloth that’s been on the needles too long to note, I decided to pick out some donated yarn and whip up an easy to knit, hard to mess up prayer shawl. Here’s what I’ve got:


The other problem with enjoying each other so much, besides making it very difficult to knit anything more complicated than knit two together, yarn over, and repeat, is it’s hard to be knit-productive when you’re chattering away like a (drunk) monkey. I can now add this shawl to the list of shawl’s on which not much progress is being made.

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