Mental Illness Bites

Today, right now, every moment. I am beginning anew.



Today I was working on my newest project, a social media campaign for a good friend of mine who is trying to grow her Real Estate business. She has a large personal network and is great at her job, but her online presence is all but non-existent. Starting from scratch is proving to be a far more daunting task than I had imagined. With tabs for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the website builder, and company portal all open at the same time, I started to feel like I was moving in circles without really accomplishing anything. I got so frustrated at my lack of progress that I put my computer aside and laid down on the couch with my dogs. I fell asleep for a few minutes, woke up, got some tea and sat back down with my computer feeling a little more clear-headed.

I decided to work on today’s blog post instead of the social media project for a while, but had no clue what today’s topic was going to be. I thought that perhaps if I searched around the internet a bit, read some articles, I might be able to come up with some fresh content for today’s blog. Next thing I know, I’m reading an article on life hacker about how lying down can improve brain function. Need a Creative Boost? Try Lying Down: I’m sold.

How do you get your brain moving when you hit a block?

My Real Estate friend can be found at Albuquerque Homes and Real Estate and on Facebook and Twitter @JaneKnap.

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