Mental Illness Bites

Today, right now, every moment. I am beginning anew.

My Pack

Yesterday I had dog on the brain. I was absolutely incapable of accomplishing anything else. My brain was foggy, scattered, and every time I tried to get it in order I was attacked by dog. Here’s why:

Meet Sanka, our newly adopted three month old puppy. They told us at The Animal Humane Society that he is a Dachshund Chihuahua mix, but really I don’t believe them at all. I haven’t actually measured his legs, but I swear they’re at least a foot long. No way he has any Dachshund in him. So we’re thinking maybe there’s some Italian Greyhound in there, but really we have no idea. He weighs about 8 lbs now, and I imagine as/if he gets bigger we’ll have a better idea of his breed(s). Really though, it doesn’t matter.


Because when you’re this cute, it doesn’t matter what kind of dog he is or how big he gets. (Especially since, at the very least we know he won’t be much bigger than 30 lbs. And that much, we can handle.)

Our other dogs weren’t too sure about this little one at first. (And yes, I said dogs, plural.)

As you can see, Tulo is still living with us and he doesn’t look too happy about our new visitor. We are currently fostering Tulo, working on his ‘living in a house’ skills and general training. As you can see, he has begun to make himself quite at home. (If anyone is interested in this little guy, please let me know! He’s completely house broken, loose leash trained, comes when he’s called, and loves to play with other dogs.) Mostly, he loves to snuggle, which leads me to this:

The perfect place for my two newbies while I’m working. You can just see Koda’s nose out of the picture on the bottom right. For a while, I couldn’t even get Koda to sit still long enough to get a photo of her. She is stinkin’ cute, but she HATES having her photograph taken. No, really. Also, I think she’s protesting the presence of another lap dog in HER lap, but she warmed up eventually. If you can call wrestling “warming up”.


 This is the closest they’ll get if my lap isn’t part of the equation. But, we’ve only had Sanka for two days, so I think this is wonderful.

Sorry again for not posting yesterday, but as you can see I quite have my hands full. There were a few moments yesterday when I suddenly felt like a mother outnumbered by her children. You know, you’re coasting along with two (assuming there are two parents in the household) and you think you’ve got it handled, so you say ‘hey, this is fun, let’s have another’ only to figure out too late that having a third totally throws off the ratio? Yeah, it’s kind of like that, or at least the closest I can come to imagining that since I have no children of my own. 

Puppy Preschool starts in two weeks. I wonder if we’ll all make it that long!


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